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Religious practices in the home

From "What Does a Unitarian Universalist Home Look Like?"
Reverend Phillip Lund, Lifespan Program Director, Prairie Star District, UUA

In his book, Growing Up Religious, Robert Wuthnow identifies six deliberate religious activities of the home that reinforce the religious tradition of the family. In turn, they nurture the faith development of individual family members. They are:

Sharing family meals and saying grace;
Spending a few moments before bedtime to share the joys and worries of the day;
Having real conversations about what matters most in life;
Adorning your living spaces with symbols of your faith tradition;
Celebrating holidays in ways that the religious significance comes through;
Participating in your community of faith in ways that make it part of your family's emotional support system. 

None of these activities sound too hard.  We just don't typically take the time to do them.  Yesterday we sat down for dinner and M stated that she wanted to say a prayer.  We held hands and she said, "Thank you God for this food.  We love you.  Amen."

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