julia40 (julia40) wrote in spiritual_child,

Children's version of UU 7 principles

 What do Unitarian Universalist congregations covenant to affirm and promote? Here is a simpler children’s version of our seven Unitarian Universalist Principles, which you can find in their original form at the beginning of our hymnal. We think the following rainbow version is easier to read and remember, and more fun to look at! Notice that the first letter of each principle is also the first letter of it’s corresponding color...


1. Respect the importance and value of all beings

2. Offer fair and kind treatment to all

3. Yearn to learn and grow throughout life

4. Grow by exploring ideas and values together

5. Believe in your ideas and act on them

6. Insist on peace, freedom and justice for all

7. Value our interdependence with nature

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