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spiritual_child's Journal

Spiritual Child
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Raising socially conscious children in a materialistic society
I have been on LJ for about two years, and after a negative personal experience, I chose to make my personal journal "Friend's Only." I like the privacy but feel closed off to the opportunity to meet other fabulous, creative, caring, fun people--especially mothers who are struggling to raise their children to be whole spiritual beings in a overly commercial society.

My family living in my home with me consists of my husband, 6-year-old daughter, and two dogs. I have two daughters from a previous marriage. One lives with her father and the other is a college student. I am Unitarian Universalist and have been since my first marriage 21 years ago. I am active in my church and find the RE program to be challenging and rewarding. As far as God goes, I would describe myself as agnostic.

I want to create a community in which it is safe to discuss spirituality and child raising. This is a peaceful community and tolerance is key. I am strong in many of my believes and one of them is "the free and open search for truth and meaning." I certainly do not have the answers, but I will not abide belief bashing. I believe in the inherent worth of all people but will ask you to leave the community if you are cruel, unkind, or if you bully another.

Go forth in peace, love, and friendship. I look forward to challenging posts and provocative discussions. Peace.