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Secular children need spirituality too

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Your child's spiritual development

05 Jun 2000

Even if you do not have a particular religious belief, your child's spiritual development is important. Some of the different aspects of spirituality include - "a sense of awe and wonder", "a sense of a higher purpose than self-service or self-preservation", "making peace, rather than war", "recognition of the common needs of people or every culture and creed" and "an invitation to silence in order to reflect on the meaning of life."

Some ways that you can support your child's spiritual development include:

  • making quiet times where you and the child can listen to and think about the world around you
  • planting seeds and thinking about the rhythm of nature - how seeds grow, how birds migrate, how caterpillars turn into butterflies
  • caring for the environment, putting rubbish in bins, not wasting water…
  • friendliness to neighbours
  • helping someone in need
  • going out into the country or looking up into the night sky and the stars
  • family celebrations of special times eg birthdays, home-comings, new developments such as starting school, getting new teeth, starting teens…
  • telling family and cultural stories
  • laughing with each other (in ways that hurt no-one)
  • making sure that your children feel safe and loved.


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