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Our minister shared this meditation at church last Sunday, and I thought it would be perfect for this community. UU minister Deane Starr wrote it.


An old Quaker greeting is, "How is it with thy spirit?"
If it is fine with thy spirit, listen no further. On the other hand, you might contemplate these questions:

How long has it been since you spent an hour all by yourself, with nothing you had to do, and nothing you had to think? Just allowing you mind to wander?

How long since you have gone for a good brisk walk in the autumn air?

How long since you have pondered the mystery of a maple tree in full color?

Do you have any flowers in your home?

How long since you have listened to some really first-rate music?

How long since you have watched a child at play?

How long since you have hugged someone?

Given any unexpected gifts lately?

Have you allowed some opportunity to do a kindness slip by unnoticed and unfulfilled?

To whom have you given a sincere compliment lately?

How long since you've looked in the mirror and said "You know, you're a pretty good person after all?"

We take it for granted that the body must be fed in order to be healthy; it is also true of the human spirit.

**I wonder how many of these things children do naturally that we, as parents interrupt or attempt to discourage?? I remember as a child being scolded for "day dreaming."
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