Dawne (aetheldaeg) wrote in spiritual_child,


I've been on LJ for about 2 1/2 years now. I joined about the same time I found out that I had breast cancer.
My children are grown and one is a mother herself. I'm not "raising" them anymore but I'm still "Mom". My faith journey stalled when I was diagnosed. I had the misguided notion that I couldn't ask God that I be "cured". I was afraid that if I wasn't cured I wouldn't have Him to turn to. I prayed for others but not myself. I've recently resumed my faith journey. I read my bible, and pray for others as well as myself.
Just recently a prayer was answered. Since my oldest daughter was about 14 she rebelled and stopped going to church. For the last two summers she has participated in vacation bible school (mainly to occupy her two children). The experience this year (coupled with her husband being in Afghanistan) had a profound effect on her. She went to church today with her children and is planning to join a study group in September. I've hoped and prayed for more than 10 years that she would find her way back to God. My prayers have been answered. God is good.
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